Sunday, October 24, 2010


...I watch Star Wars and remember how much I love Obi Wan and Yoda...and Hayden Christensen...and Ewan McGregor...and light saber fighting. Okay, pretty much all of it.

...I get paid to watch football and I love it. (53 point blow out, anyone? I love my boys.)

...I drink way too much Diet Coke while I'm at work and then I stay up all night watching Bones.

...I have crazy dreams where I spend all night organizing and then I wake up tired.

...I have 'bad' days. And by bad days I mean I have days where my control freak self takes over my brain and I become the ultimate perfectionist and I can't look in the mirror. Today was one of those days.

...I say whatever comes to mind. Like when I was doing math homework with Sara and a particularly difficult problem came up on the screen, I stared at it and in a completely monotone voice said, "I am now paralyzed by fear." Or when Megan and I were watching Star Wars: Episode II and we were at the scene where Anakin and Padme were being taken into the arena by Dooku's minions (the part that Padme tells Anakin that she loves him? Remember?) They're pretty sure that they're going to die, which is why she cheesily confesses her undying love and devotion to the future Darth Vader. I looked straight at the screen and said, "Don't worry. You'll make babies." That might have been inappropriate, but I had been at work for 9 hours which means that I run my mouth off.

...I judge people by their email addresses. I didn't really think about how often I did this until I was talking with a friend and we were most definitely making fun of some girl for her cheese ball email address.

...I let my books overtake my room. Honestly, I'd move my bed out and sleep on the books if I had to. I love them.

...I realize that I'm graduating in May and that I have absolutely no clue what I should do next in my life. I know what I want the end result to be, but how in heaven's name am I going to get myself there.'s hard for me that one of my younger siblings is married and has a baby and another (who just came home from his mission) is looking at getting married this spring.

...People are so sappy about their spouses-to-be that I throw up a little in my mouth and I have to hide their status updates on Facebook because reading them makes me want to break valuable things or punch small innocent creatures.

...I sleep at the other end of my bed. Just to mix things up.

...I buy nail polish. Lots of it. I love painting my nails.

...I listen to Toby Lightman. And I love her.

...I enjoy community theatre. A lot.

...I write on my hand even when there's perfectly good paper available. It just seems more 'green'.


Baby Sister said...

I love nail polish too. :)

Kaylea said...

mal, you are cute to boot. i miss you.

Megan said...

Oh this is such a fun post - i drink too much diet coke and also judge people by their email addresses whoops!

amera hearts said...

so what you're saying hide my FB status updates?!?!

haha, just kidding! hugs! said...

this is awesome. i only wish that diet coke could affect me anymore to the point of being able to stay awake on it. sadly, i now have the highest diet coke tolerance known to man.

your list made me crack up! and i judge people's email addresses too.

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