Sunday, November 28, 2010

Overheard @ the Mecham Family Thanksgiving....

My family is hilarious. Don't believe me? Read on. 
Side note, as well as potentially useful information: we had a couple of kids who are from New York where my little brother served his LDS mission come to visit for the weekend, J.R. and Mike. They are prominently featured in this piece.

Mama Mecham: "I didn't make a Jello salad for dinner tomorrow. Do you think that's okay?"
Me: "Mom, just because we live in Utah does not mean you need to make a Jello."

Me: "Yeah, they called it Little Tijuana."
J.R.: "What is Tijuana?"

While watching the Texas/Texas A&M game on Thanksgiving.
Mama: "Stop. We only touch our own butts."

During a game of Phase 10 which got so intense that Mama Mecham came down from her cozy bed to moderate.
Mama Mecham: "It's okay, J.R. Some days you wake up in the morning and think, 'Today, I'm just not a winner.'"

Same intense game of Phase 10, but now Papa Mecham is playing...
J.R.: (Insert snarky comment to Mal here)
Papa Mecham lays down a skip card: I protect my young.

Cramin: It's okay, J.R. is a mentally abused shut in.

As we were making deviled eggs. Mama was clearing the eggs shells as we peeled them..
Squeegee: (Looking into her bowl, panicked) "Where did my egg shells go?!"

Mike: "Yeah, last week while he was waiting in line for a basketball game, he made me bring him a sweatshirt."
Cramin: "So basically you're not his roommate, you're his mom?"
J.R.: "I was freezing! And I met him half way!"
Mike: "Yeah, not really..."

While playing a game of electronic Life.
Karlie, reading from her Life card: "Choose another player to be in a band with you."
J.R.: "Ohhhh! Pick me!!"
Mike: "Why would you pick him! He doesn't even play an instrument!! I play the bag pipes!"
J.R.: "Yeah, like that's useful in a band!"

Was your Thanksgiving as entertaining as mine?


Jalayne said...

That is HILARIOUS! I always loved dinner at your house :)

Kim said...

So funny! I laughed right out loud!

Amy said...

lol. Can I start putting your family in my Thanksgiving rotation please? They all sound positively LOVELY.

SOPHIE NY said...

oh how I miss your mother!!! and your entire family!

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