Saturday, December 4, 2010

In which Casey gets a tune up...

No, not the real Casey, crazies. My computer. I know, I know. You're all thinking that it's about time that I stop naming inanimate objects, but I've got news for you: that's never going to happen. I always have and always will give my electronics and other large purchases names:
My iPod? Chuck. 
My car? Fitz, short for Fitzwilliam. 
My last computer? Howie. 
This lovely little machine is called Casey because he has survived more virus attacks and reformatting than any computer should have to and most of them aren't even his fault. He's been completely wiped 4 times since I purchased him 18 months ago, and he's such a champ. Comes back stronger every single time.
Anyway, Casey had to be reformatted yet again because on Wednesday night after I attempted to do math he wouldn't reboot. This is what I mean when I tell you math kills. It tried to kill my beloved Casey, but he's stronger computer then that. I took him into work, only mildly panicked that finals are coming up and all my classes are online. Leif, my genius computer guy, told me that all I needed to do was insert the Windows 7 disc and everything would be lovely again. (Insert buzzer sound here) WRONG. When my equally genius Uncle Bruce tried to do that, Casey freaked out and demanded a complete memory removal. Which completely stinks on multiple levels:
-I didn't have time to back up my files
-All music is gone (Yay for Chuck because without him I would be completely tuneless.)
-My file which contained pictures of the world's hottest men is gone. So I have no screen saver. It's really tragic.
-My little sister's graduation pictures were on here and I haven't had a chance to put them on Facebook yet. Now they're gone.
-My senior paper (which had already been turned in) is gone as well. 

Aside from Casey's permanent amnesia, he's working great. I suppose I'll get over the loss of my pictures, but I might have to cry into my pillow for a night or two. 

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Amy said...

:( I'm so so sorry!

May I make a recommendation? $5/month automatically backs up all your files for you. Will change your life forever!

Also, I like that you name stuff, I always try to name my cars, but I'm bad at it. Good thing I don't get new cars very often!

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