Monday, December 6, 2010

The Worry Balloon...

When I was in first grade, my teacher would blow up a balloon every day at the beginning of class and then she would have each of us channel our 'worries' in to it. 
After our first grade troubles had been cast out of our minds, the balloon was then popped, symbolizing the fact that all our worries had been popped and were no longer relevant.
 The logical part of my seven year old brain hated that freaking balloon. I knew that just because some stinking blown up piece of rubber was passed from grubby seven year hand old to germy seven year old hand, my worries wouldn't go away. 
The irrational side of me worried that when we popped the balloon all my worries would find their way back into my brain and all that silliness would all have been for naught. 
The older I get, the more I think about the worry balloon. This blog has sort of become my worry balloon to some extent. Can I just give you all the list of things that are keeping me up tonight?

This semester has been so crazy that I haven't been able to focus on my classes like I normally do. The only thing that I'm honestly afraid of in life is failure.

-My grandma. 
She's not been feeling well but won't let me take her to the doctor. Stubborn lady.

Remember how the colonists bought the island of Manhattan for some glass beads? Can we go back to that?

-My students and their inability to understand the meaning of the term 'deadline'.
Emphasis on the dead. They also struggle to comprehend the meanings of words such as due, preparation and study.

I love my job but my boss is the ultimate perfectionist. I live in constant fear of messing up and her freaking out all over me.

Yes. This is quite possibly the most irrational of all of my worries. I know I'm crazy. No need to warn me. But they always seem to find their way into my room during the winter. Yuck!!

Well there you have it. My own version of the worry balloon. Fear not, my dears. The worrying has not dampened my effervescent holiday spirit nor my desire to find delightful Christmas presents and my cards are going out this week. Start checking your mailboxes!! 


Amy said...

May I please have your first grade teacher's balloon? Please?

Also, I didn't know that about wonder people sign you up to teach them stuff!

Baby Sister said...

Bugs are evil, you're not crazy.

amera hearts said...

yeah this post is almost identical to the one i posted on my family blog! ha ha! mybrian never turns off so i'm in a constant state of worry!

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