Thursday, January 13, 2011

"And you call yourself a Star Wars fan."

A friend of mine sent me this. And I love it. Because I'm that girl.

(Grocery Store | Austin, TX, USA)
(I was at work and I saw two girls from my college I knew as acquaintances, but not as much more than that. I had a crush on one of them as she was really pretty and seemed nice for the most part. I watched as she and her friend approached the register.)
My Crush: “No, you’re wrong! I’m telling you, he never said that!”
(I assumed they were gossiping about something until I listened a little more to the conversation.)
Her Friend: “No, he did! He totally did! We watched it last night, stupid!”
My Crush: “Obi-Wan never says, ‘I love you, Anakin’. The line is ‘You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!’.”
Her Friend: “No!”
My Crush: *turns to me* “Oh hey [my name]! What’s up?”
Me: “Not much. I’m good. And you’re right; Obi-Wan’s line was ‘You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you’.”
My Crush: “Oh, my God, thank you!” *turns to her friend* “And you call yourself a Star Wars fan.”
(Her friend scowled, but they paid and said goodbye. I watched as they got to the automatic doors. Her friend pretendsed to use ‘The Force’ on them. Suddenly, my crush jumped in front of her.)
(I walked over and asked her out. We got married a month ago.)

Fantastic, no? Thanks, J!


Baby Sister said...

That is basically awesome. Thank you for sharing it.

Emzwee said...

Love it. My husband laughed. We did something similar on an early conversation when he accidentally made a Star Wars reference and I played back. He knew I was worth asking out again.

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