Tuesday, January 11, 2011


* Someone who doesn't mind that I throw empty water bottles at the television while my football team is playing poorly. And that I tend to yell advice to the coaches. This someone must also have random things that he does while watching sports so as to help us bond.

*Someone who is willing to eat whatever I am in the mood to cook because I stink at cooking for only one person.

*Someone who will dance in the kitchen with me in stocking feet while we sing off tune together like my parents did while I was growing up.

*Someone who will suffer through a ballet/play/opera/symphony performance because I love it.

*Someone who will attempt to get me to play video games and only kind of make fun of me when I end up killing myself or my teammates because I have terrible hand-eye coordination.

*Someone who will argue with me just for the sake of having a lively debate.

*Someone who has read some of the same books that I have. Having all that knowledge stored in my head is useless if I never get to talk about it with anyone.

*Someone who doesn't mind that I have a morbid fascination with crime shows but turn a lovely shade of teal if anyone mentions blood while I'm eating.

*Someone who leaves their socks on the floor so that I can put my obsessive cleaning tendencies to use on a more regular basis.

*Someone who understands (and will only judge a little) that sometimes I simply have to make up a word because there isn't one in a language that I speak which properly describes how I feel at that given moment.

*Someone who understands that I have a bubble eight miles thick and is willing to poke through it.

*Someone who isn't afraid to be grouchy or unreasonable around me because heaven knows that I will return the favor.

*Someone who doesn't mind teaching our kids math, because let's be honest: me + math = fear induced paralysis.

*Someone who doesn't mind if I, in a moment of absent mindedness, correct his grammar. Because it will happen.

*Someone who has a slightly crazy family.

*Someone who is as passionate about something as I am about teaching.

*Someone who can pick up on  my Star Wars quotes. The nerdiness runs deep in the veins.

*Someone who's already read Ender's Game so that he doesn't think that it's odd when I read it twice a year.


Camille Johnson said...

OH MY GOSH! you're a genius. I absolutely love this list. Can I just say that I really look up to you?

Heather and Jake said...

This is super cute! You deserve a man who is all that and more :)

Amy said...

Any dude would be crazy to not answer this "ad". ;)

Also, our new RS teacher is you - but taller. So if you're ever wondering to yourself "I wonder what I'd be like if I were 6 feet tall, come to my ward and listen to her teach. Then you'll know. She's incredible and I'm thrilled that I get to hear her (you) every month! :D

Mal's Dad said...

Mom and I don't sing off key!!! Nice list. I might add...Someone who can endure the initial scrutiny from your father and brothers because once that test is passed the rest will be a breeze.

Love ya squirt!!

Mals said...

so I just found this (and yes I am at work) and I find it somehow poetic......almost beautiful in the depth one will get to know you be reading it. You have a way with words, my dear and I cannot wait to meet this boy!

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