Friday, January 21, 2011

Remember how I'm obsessed with...(day 5)

TV? Yeah, I do. So here's my top 3 favorite no particular order.

Who in their right mind wouldn't love my Gilmore Girls?
 "Underwear, hockey puck, monkey monkey underpants!"

"Help me Chuck Bartowski, you're my only hope." 

"Objectively I'd say I'm very smart, but it has nothing to do with my ass." (Don't be offended by the fact that I didn't censor that for you. Bones is too funny to censor.)


Baby Sister said...

OH yes....I am so glad you included GG!!

Jessica and Reecey said...

Why have we not had a Gilmore Girls party yet? I know Aubrey is a huge fan too, and my life wouldn't be complete without Lorelei and Rory.

Lori said...

Those are totally three of the best shows! (So glad you introduced me to Gilmore Girls.... :-D )

Amy said...

Oh how I love you.

I have not jumped on the GG bandwagon yet (what's wrong with me?) but when I do can we have a party about it?

Also, Bones' ass is too funny to censor. Well played my dear. Well played.

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