Monday, February 21, 2011

The Day of the Presidents' Birth...

Can I please just share with all of you that I adore Monday holidays more than other types of holidays? I love that I get to sleep in. I love that I don't have class. Mostly, it just all around rocks. Today was particularly fantastic because I got to see my darling Alissa. We decided to have an Italy in Salt Lake day. We went here:

And I had this:

Alissa had this:

Oh and I'll give you a picture of Alissa because she's darling:

Sorry, it's a little dark, but isn't she cute?

Here's a little more fun:

Um, just so you know, that focaccia bread changed my life. 

Then there was some of this:

"Snow suit up!"
 "It's gonna be ledgend-wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!!"
"Dang it, Past Ted!"
"Tell me that I'm your best friend!"
"'Booger!' 'Yes, hello Barney.'"
"It tasted like freedom. No, it tasted like pennies."

Are you jealous? Be jealous. I am awesome. I was also lucky enough to get a little time with this chicky:

We mocked people's blogs. We talked about how she was going to come see me when I get my tonsils yanked. Mostly, I love her and seeing her made my day even more fantastical.

Dear Presidents, 
  I really appreciate you being born. I'm sure grateful for the day off work and the extra time to become addicted to TV shows that are hilarious and amazing and see my incredible friends. 

Love and rockets, 


Liz said...

Happy prezzy day to YOU! Let's play soon.

Baby Sister said...

That food looks divine!!

Amy said...

Is that last picture from this weekend? I swear I've seen that exact picture of you only you were in high school. Seriously. Crazy.

Also, hilarious show!

Emily said...

settebello is our fave! darn you for being so close to deliciousness!

Mike and Mindy Williams said...

I love Alissa--how do you know her? We went to high school together--bless her heart, she and I were the tall freaks of the school! :) If I could attach a picture to comments I've got great ones from the day the school caught fire. Good times!

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