Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now don't get all bent out of shape...

Ugh. Can I please express the utter displeasure that I experienced this morning when I was unceremoniously yanked from my bed at the disgusting hour of 7 am to find 4 inches of snow outside my window?
(I'm allowed to complain about the weather, I'm from Utah.) I'm completely over this whole snow thing. Don't send bad vibes my way, Amanda. It can snow in Pleasant Grove all it wants so long as it rains in Salt Lake, okay? Here's the list of reasons why snow and I should only have contact on a very limited basis:

-I'm short, so my pants drag on the ground unless I wear heels which isn't a good idea because...
-I'm clumsy. Case in point, this morning I slipped on ice and planted myself on the front lawn. I was wet for hours.
-I throughly loath driving in the white stuff. It's slippery and icy and scary.
-I don't think that I look  so great in hats, so I rarely wear them which means that the snow ruins my hair.
-I absolutely hate when my feet are cold. No matter what kind of shoes I wear, my feet are always cold when it snows.
-Frozen mascara? So hard to put on.
-While the clothes are darling, I hate being hot under my jacket while my extremities are freezing.

I have a feeling that a move to warmer climates is definitely in order.


Amy said...

:D Calm down Platt. Geez. (Just a preemptive suggestion...)

Also, these are all excellent points. And also you aren't allowed to open the windows! Rude.

But please don't move, OK?

Baby Sister said...

I wasn't upset, or sending bad vibes or anything. I haven't been praying for snow. I've actually been praying for spring because we need a good early spring at work. Besides, we didn't get any down here so I divorced it for the time being. No worries. :)

Alysha said...


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