Sunday, February 13, 2011

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." --John Lennon (day 28)

First and foremost, will all of you PLEASE vote in my poll? Yes that poll. The one in the right hand corner. 
 My future is in your hands, my dearest, darlingest, lovely blog readers. If I end up becoming a waste of space I'm going to blame it on your lack of participation. Do you want a girl's future resting on your head like that? The answer is no. You don't. So. Do the votings, okay? Please and thank you.

Alright, on to today's post. (Can I please tell you that as much as I've loved reading everything that you, my darling friends, have written in connection with this game, I'm going to be excited to have my blog unhijacked when it's all over? There. I got it off my chest.)

Whenever anyone talks about hopes and dreams, I always think of this line in the 2008 miniseries of Sense and Sensibility when Marianne asks Elinor what she and Lucy Steele were talking about in the garden so long. This is the part where the evil and plotting Lucy tells Elinor of her secret engagement to Edward, remember? Okay good. Anyway, Elinor answers back that Lucy was telling her all of her hopes and dreams for the future, so it leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth because I hate Lucy Steele. So in lieu of hopes and dreams, here are the list of things that I plan on accomplishing in the next 365 days:

-Graduate from college (it's okay, you can shout "Finally!" I am.)
-Get a real, grown up job (See this goal, Teach for America? Can you please make it happen? Kthanksbye!)
-Go blonde (again)
-Go on a road trip somewhere awesome
-See the Shakespeare Festival...Midsummer Night's Dream, anyone?
-Attend Tale of Two Cities at the Hale Centre Theatre more times than I saw Born Yesterday....which was more than I am willing to admit in any type of public forum.
-Find some awesome black boots.
-Reread the Book of Mormon
-See the last Harry Potter..sniff
-Speak more Spanish because I miss it terribly
-Learn to make pupusas again
-Eventually ween myself off of Facebook...quit your laughing. I can do it, just you watch.
-See a Broadway show
-Take Yoda on some rockin' adventures
-Go to London

How's that for 'hopes and dreams?'


megan said...

I have to agree, I'm ready to have my blog back.

Amy said...

Man that's gonna be a good year! Hooray for you!

Baby Sister said...

I approve of the hopes and dreams. They sound awesome!!

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

When you come down for the Shakespearean Festival, let's get together and play. You can make us pupusas and speak Spanish with Lish.

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