Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opinions, opinions...

So. I am looking at possible jobs that won't bore me out of  my mind when I join the ranks of the graduated in May and one of these is as a copywriter. They're looking for someone who not only has good grammar skills and likes to write, but one who is 'pithy' (their word, not mine). Along with a resume, they've asked for a writing sample. Most of the stuff that I've written for school doesn't exactly fall into this category so my mind immediately flew to this here blog space. This is where you, my dear readers, come into the picture.
  I need to know what your favorite posts have been. 
This could make or break me, since the whole ninja assassin thing doesn't look like it's going to work out (shame, I know) and I can't count on Teach for America (one more week of waiting left), I want to make sure my options are open. Please please don't let a girl down.
 Comment below and for heaven sakes, be honest.


Lisa said...

My absolute fav is the one where you discuss your student's quirks. And any one where you tell an embarrassing story about yourself :)

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

I agree with Lisa. Also, I LOVE your dessert books post. Oh, and the worry baloon post. Pretty much all of them. You are adorable.

Amy said...

First, I just looked up pithy (wanting to make sure I fully understood what they were looking for) and the first definition I found said "full of pith" really? I would've flunked out of school trying to get away with garbage like that.

Now, you understand I'm not good at favorites, so I'm giving you some favoriteS instead.

Sometimes (all of them)
Best Thing One of My Students Has Ever Done

You're fabulous and I sincerely hope that you don't need this job...but just in case they'd be insane NOT to hire you. :D

aubrie said...

I've been re-reading your recent blog posts. Here are a few of my favorites:




Love you and good luck!

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