Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Weekend Update, featuring your favorite Girl...

I know what you're all thinking. Two posts in two days, how did you all get so stinking lucky? Feel blessed because with the whirlwind that this next week is going to be, you're not going to be, reading, my delightful and charming comments on life all that much. Blame the biggest job interview of my young life and a whole lot of homework, combined with the fact that my weekend was entirely unproductive in the classical sense of productivity though you'd never know if you asked me how long I slept, total, between Friday night and Sunday morning (9 hours, for the record). What was I doing with all that time, you wonder? Whelp, I'm about to tell you, so get super excited. Um, excuse me, those are not your super excited faces. I can see through the computer. It's another one of my sidekick powers.  Okay, that's better. Where was I? Oh yes, what I did with my weekend. Well, young (and not so young) grasshoppers, I spent my weekend here, watching this and dying a little at it's sheer and complete awesomeness. But that doesn't take up the other 63 hours of my weekend, now does it? On Friday a good portion of it was spent at work, which is much less fun to talk about so we'll just skip that, now won't we? After the show on Friday night (which was beyond epic, seriously. I'm not even joking or exaggerating for dramatic effect) I was lucky enough to get to meet some of the cast and Jill Santoriello, who wrote the script, music and lyrics to A Tale of Two Cities (squee!!) and have dessert with them at Applebee's. I KNOW, RIGHT? Oh wait. Most of you are not the die hard theater nerd that I am. Well, show me your excited faces anyway, please and thank you. It was incredibly neat to get to meet some of my favorite characters as real people and made me love the show all the more (I know what you're thinking: that is outside the realm of possibility, but I assure you, it is not). This little party lasted late into the night, which pretty much meant that I only slept for 3 hours on Friday (sheer excitement + whopping migraine + a Diet Coke + 2 Excedrine = completely wired version of Mal that was literally vibrating). Saturday held another viewing of the show and dinner with my Theatre Fairy Sara and then, (because we're complete nerds) we went to the talk back with Jill and the cast. Sigh. It was magical.
   There are a myriad of reasons why I love theater (and not all of them have to do with ridiculously darling boys), but one of the biggest and most profound is that I love how much detail matters to a good performer during a truly epic performance. I love that those little nuances and tiny elements can change a character and flavor of an overall performance. And while I will never have the talent or skill set to be on stage and create that kind of magic for an audience, I love that I get to be part of that world, even if it's just for a little while.

I loved every second of my Hale filled weekend.


Angela said...

Okay, wait.

I didn't see you at the talkback. I must've been lost in my own little world. :(

Amy said...

Yep. This is my excitedest face. Totally jealous.

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