Monday, March 21, 2011

What a difference a day makes...

So, friends of the blog world, can I please share with you that my weekend was full of craziness? I was literally surrounded by a sea of crazy for the better portion of it. It all began on Thursday morning when my sweet grandmother had an epic freak out session after I left for work which lead to my mother coming to the decision that it was time to move her down to Pleasant Grove for the duration. That meant that on Friday morning after class my mom, Kylee, Max and Cole all drove up to Sugarhouse to pack up 60 years worth of life in a house and haul it down to the padres' house. (A quick shout out to the darling Amanda who was a complete angel and worked all day for me so that I could run around like a chicken with my head cut off). What complicated this little plan was that Gram was sick when my mom got to the house. I had been in such a hurry get to get to class on time that I hadn't been paying especially close attention when I ran out the door, but my mom saw it as soon as she walked in (She's so observant that I swear she's psychic sometimes). So after lots of moving, lots of throwing things away and 4 huge bags of clothes for the DI, one trip to Pleasant Grove and back, Gram was off to her doctor's appointment while Squeegee and I did a little shopping. Now, dears, don't judge, but I was feeling weak willed and I let her talk me into purchasing a pair of skinny jeans. I told you not to judge! It's my blog! I'm the only one who gets to judge around here! And I look darling in them. AND they're a size smaller than the last time I purchased jeans, so take that! That's all we're going to say on the subject. Saturday brought a day full of cleaning (there was food in the cupboard that expired while I was on my MISSION) and work, followed by a long evening of cleaning my room and moving things upstairs with the help of Sara the Theatre Fairy. We decided to be spontaneous and get sweet potato Smashfries from SmashBurger AND shrimp tacos from Bajio for dinner. It was an odd combination, but throughly delightful all the same.

We're going to take a break from our regularly scheduled programing so I can tell you all how freaky sleeping in an old house all by yourself is: double dose of freaky. Trust me. I didn't sleep at all on Friday night because every tiny noise had me jolting out of my bed to investigate. It's first time since I was 16 and saw What Lies Beneath that I purposely slept with all of the lights on. Hence the move upstairs. It's much quieter than the basement and not as freaky. Sorry for the interruption. Back to my life.

My Sunday morning started with a phone call from my mother informing me that my grandma was throwing a grand fit about having been moved to the Good Ole PG and that they were seriously considering moving her back up to Salt Lake. My bleary and sleep filled mind had some serious problems digesting this information, and the first thing out of my mouth was, "But I already moved all my stuff." I'm so intelligent sometimes that I scare myself. After a few tears, lots of prayers and yet another trip down south, we came to the conclusion that Gram would stay put in Pleasant Grove. While I was down in PG, trying to help my dear mother calm my grandma down, I got to hold and snuggle my Peanut and play with Joshie a little. It was a fantastic little trip. Immediately following my return home, I took my first Sunday nap in 3 months and it was glorious. I was then lucky enough to be fed one of my favorite meals: pasta alla Sara. Right?! The awesomeness of this was compounded by the fact that I also watched Guys and Dolls  for the first time ever and can I please just tell you all that I have absolutely no clue how I lived 25.84 years of my life without seeing that movie? I'm addicted. And I want to marry Sky Masterson.

Lucky for me I now have spring break to nurse my new found obsession and reorganize the mess that is my house.


Amanda Kathleen said...

Anything for you my love! I KNEW you would look cute in skinnies! Ha! <3

amera hearts said...

this post made me laugh. i own probably 95% of all musicals made. love them!

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