Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All the cookies...

I don't remember exactly when we started using the phrase, though I'm fairly certain that it had something to do with this lovely man:

 Anyway, like I said. I'm pretty sure that Jourdan and I were referencing his sheer amazingness in August Rush or something akin to that when the idiom came into being. The exact conversation is immaterial. The important part is that the articulation super glued its self into my little head and I began to use it to describe those people that you almost want to hate because they're so close to perfect that it's ridiculous. 

All the coo-kies
[awl thuh kook-ees]
1. A phrase used to describe a person or group of people who are proficient at any and all tasks that they desire to accomplish
2. One who is exceptionally good looking, inside and out
3. A person who is "so good hearted that any normal chap would hate him".
Sample Sentence:
"Of course shaking his hand made you turn to jelly; he has all the cookies."

That should give you a more specific idea of what I'm rambling about. Anyway, this elucidation has now become part of my vernacular to the point that I use 'all the cookies' without thinking around people who have no clue what it  means and subsequently some of the incredibleness is lost on them. Which brings me to my point in this blog post: I've been lucky enough to meet a handful of people who embody the definition of this delightful expression and in my world, it is not thrown around the way that most people throw around the word 'good'. So if and when I tell you that you have all the cookies, please, take me seriously; even though the verbiage its self sounds a little silly.

So. Fill me in. Who do you know that has all the cookies?


Angela said...

Haha! I love this! Though I'm going to have to really think about it and get back to you about who I think has "all the cookies". Also, consider the phrase STOLEN. I love it. :)

Camille Johnson said...

I also love this. And by the way, my mom and sister have all the cookies. When I read your post I kept thinking to myself, "yup, that's my mom. Yup, that's Annette." Ps. That man is gorgeous and I think he deserves all the cookies.

Cyd said...

You. You definitely have all the cookies. (And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get JRM, too.)

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