Friday, June 10, 2011

A few things I'll never understand...

It's been a while since "a few things I'll never understand" has made an appearance on my blog. After reading today, I decided that it's time for a revival. Without further ado:

A few things I'll never understand:

*LADY GAGA. I'm pretty sure that wearing meat as a dress isn't a fashion statement, it's a health hazard. And completely disgusting. Also, it's not the 60s. Wear a bra. (Amanda love, don't be mad at me.)

*BEING FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS. The Kardashians? Paris Hilton? They don't do anything to contribute to society. I mean fine, I'm sure they keep boosting the economy through spending exorbitant amounts of money, but aside from the mass amount of aerosol that is contributing to the deterioration of the ozone layer, they do nothing.*

*THE RANDOM ADDITION OF THE LETTER Z TO PHRASES: I mean pleaz. Doez thiz make senze to anyone elze?

*HOW I GOT THE PLAGUE IN JUNE. Seriously, tonsils? Are you kidding me?

*WHY I GET SUCH INSANE PLEASURE OUT OF SHREDDING PAPER AT WORK. Does this mean that I have anger issues? Should I be seeing a therapist about this? I'm a little concerned.

*ALL OF THE GAMES ON FACEBOOK. I don't care about your fish, your farm or your avatar.

*I might have made this up. Science? Not really my thing. I don't want anyone to correct my erroneous suppositions.


Baby Sister said...

I'm assuming the Amanda part is not to be, as I am totally lost. :) I love shedding as well. It's boat loads of fun.

Ashley said...

oh my goodness thank you for sharing tonight, i totally needed it! the kardashians annoy me to no end, and farmville too. if all someone does is post farmville stuff i immediately hide their status updates so it doesn't show up in my feed.

Jessica and Reece said...

Amen to all of the above.

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