Friday, July 8, 2011

Capri Suns, boom boxes, Boy Meets World, Yikes! erasers....

I'm a 90s kid. I read the Babysitter's Club (and tried to start my own version, don't you little worry). I idolized Punky Brewster. I wore white platform tennis shoes with my over-sized overalls. I was in love with Cory Matthews. I know every word to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. I desperately wanted a Trapper Keeper to hold my Lisa Frank folders. I drank Capri Suns like they were going out of style, the Wild Cherry was, is and always will be the best flavor. I learned that there were 9 planets in our solar system. I realize that I'm dating myself here, but what's a girl to do? Yesterday my mom brought a bunch of boxes up to my house which contained all of my childhood memories (elementary school to high school). It was Mallorie in a Box... okay, well like 4 boxes. My living room looked like an episode of Hoarders for a good three hours as I sorted through my life thus far. And if you know me, you know that I need a soundtrack to just about everything. Lucky for me, I have some help coming up with this one. There's this website called Turntable that allows you to play DJ with all your friends. And my co-worker decided that today was 90s day. How fitting! So without further ado....

Mallorie's Totally Awesome Ridiculously Cool and Completely Rockin' 90s Playlist:
Surgeon Generals' Warning: Extreme flashbacks, desires to act like an angst ridden teenager and permanent fixation of said songs in your head may accompany reading of/listening to this playlist. These emotional and mental conditions are not permanent or detrimental to your health. You have been fairly warned.

I Saw the Sign-Ace of Base
Sunday Morning--No Doubt
Truly, Madly, Deeply--Savage Garden
Semi-Charmed Life--Third Eye Blind
She--Green Day
Bad Habit (edited)--The Offspring
Smells Like Teen Spirit--Nirvana
Never There--Cake
Black Hole Sun-- Soundgarden
Buddy Holly--Weezer
If You Could Only See--Tonic
3 AM--Matchbox 20
One Headlight--The Wallflowers
Mr. Jones-- Counting Crows
Losing My Religion --REM
Tonight-- Smashing Pumpkins
Torn--Natalie Imbruglia
Breathless--The Corrs
Bittersweet Symphony--The Verve
Zombies--The Cranberries
With or Without You--U2
Blind-- Hootie and the Blowfish

Join me in the '90s, my friends. Pluto misses you.


Lisa said...

Your 90's playlist coincides alarmingly with my everyday-workout playlist :)

Liz said...

this is amazing.

Baby Sister said...

This post totally took me back. I loved all of those things. And that playlist is awesome.

amera hearts said...

i'm with @lisa on this. me too!

Jordan and Chelsie Toone said...

I love this!!

Amy said...

Ooooh-eeee-ohhh you look just like buddy holly.....oooooh-eee-oooh something about Mary Tyler Moore...

And now we know what the next 24 songs I'll buy are. :D Did you know that there is an entire section of my "Song I Gotta Buy" word doc dedicated to you? True story.

e said...

umm yes. excellent list. and I miss a little bit our babysitters club.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

I can't say I wasn't warned, but holy flashback! I feel a sudden urge to go dig out my snap bracelets and rock out. Love it and love you!

amy said...

I'm with you Sister. Let's play our grooves, and dance beneath the sun while dreaming of a boy meets world kind of earth...

^.^ the babysitters club is a classic

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Annette said...

Ah! Those songs are really that old? That's just sad...because those are the first songs I ever learned the lyrics to..."I saw the sign" to be exact. And I still have issues when I'm reading solar system books to my girls and realize that Pluto is not there. I add extra paragraphs to my reading to include poor Pluto.

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