Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Insert Mildly Interesting Title Here]

Do you ever feel like you're just riding along in life and all the sudden the chain falls off your proverbial bike? You're sailing down the street and something just isn't clicking right, you look down and the chain is sagging to one side and there's grease all over your favorite pair of pants. That's been the last couple of days around these parts. (And no, for any Smug Marrieds* [Bridget Jones? Anyone? Blast.] or Smug I'm-in-a-relationship-thank-you-very-muches* that are reading this, it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. I had a blast last night with my wonderful friends eating way too much fantastic food and reenacting Awkward Family Photos. Pictures to come, I'm sure). It's mostly that all my jokes seem to have gone completely stale and my timing is off on simply everything. I'm talkin' crickets here, people. I'm waiting for the tomatoes and assorted fruits to come next. I can't seem to react properly to anything. I either overreact, under-react, or do something that's so far outside the realm of normal that people stare at me with their heads tilted to one side and that nervous stare they give the mentally unstable. You know exactly what I'm talking about: the one where you can read the fight or flight instinct flashing through their eyes. "Do I run or can I fight the crazy off? What weapons do I have that might be useful against this insane half human half genetic disaster?" 

See. I knew you knew what I meant. 

*This was in no way a dig at my married friends. It's a term Bridget Jones uses to describe people who think they're better than you are just because their relationship status has changed. I'm lucky enough to be friends with lovely people, but these are the interwebs after all and you never know who's going to read your musings. 


Amy said...

smug-marrieds. ha ah ah!

Emily said...

I totally know what your saying. Where you're afraid to be sarcastic because then they'll just stare at you and you'll have to awkwardly leave the lunch table...

Liz said...

[insert mildly interesting title here] better not be a dig at the way i title my blog posts... ;)

i think a great cure to this funk of yours is dinner at zupa's. :) or noodles, if we feel a need to switch things up. i'll text you this week and we'll set up a date!

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