Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sometimes...(yup, it's back)

...I see other bloggers do "Sometimes" posts and I wonder if they got the idea from me. (What? I'm self-centered.)

...I don't write on my blog because I can't think of anything wildly entertaining to say. If you had friends who wrote blogs like this you'd be worried about this as well.

...I spend entirely too much time watching Doctor Who. Platt always gives me a hard time for it.

...I realize that Wal-Mart smells like a mix between dirty laundry, fried foods and too much cologne. These moments of clarity lead me to shop at Target.

...I stay up entirely too late looking at artwork on Etsy that is absolutely overpriced. little bloggy gets neglected in favor of Rose and the Doctor. And Shawn and Gus. And murder mystery novels.'s not too bad that it didn't snow much this winter. No slipping on ice? Check. No worrying about whehter or not I got frostbite on my toes? Double check. How is this a bad thing? sweet brother posts totally awesome versions of The Beatles "Blackbird" on my Facebook wall. (Did you know that it's my very favorite Beatles song? This is knowledge that is part of the quiz in the application to be my friend. I just gave you a free answer. You're welcome.)

...the urge to make cupcakes is too overwhelming to ignore. These are the days that I wish I had a roommate to help me eat them.

...the nerd in me comes out in uncontrollable spurts.

...the book piles around my bed get so high that I can't differentiate between the stacks of books that are 'to read', 'have already read but can't bear to have put in the book room in the basement', 'lend to friends' and 'catalog in LibraryThing'. It's a hard knock life.

...I judge other people based on their grammar.


Emily said...

I'm totally with you on the whole lack of snow thing. Also, I definitely lost even more respect for my grocery store yesterday when they said that "all" types of wishbone salad dressings were gluten-free. No need for the quotations, my friend.

Ashley said...

Mal! I promise I did not intentionally plagerize your "sometimes" posts! When I started writing mine, I honestly didn't remember yours, which is strange because I LOVED your "stometimes" posts. I think my subconscious stored it away as a clever idea and then somehow I flattered myself into thinking it was my idea! haha. you are the "sometimes" queen!

i love yours. i too judge people who have bad grammar (although I am guilty sometimes too). And that's cool you are friends with the It Just Gets Stranger guy. The snuggie posts were so hilarious!!

Charisse Baxter said...

...I am reminded that you are on your way to becoming as big a Who-nut as I am, and I shed a little tear of happiness and solidarity. Allonz-y!

(Also, I wouldn't mind helping you with the cupcakes.)

Amanda said...

Our lack of a white winter was not especially disappointing for me, either. Hooray! How funny that you also judge others based on their grammar. I found myself doing the same thing not even five minutes ago. I'm particularly judgmental when it involves spelling, which is ironic, because lately my own grammar skills have been going through phases of being less than perfect. :( Sad day.

Baby Sister said...

Just because I'm me and I have to say it, booooo to the lack of snow. I don't approve. Okay, I'm done now. :)

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