Tuesday, November 27, 2012


... I wish I was a ginger.

... I spend all day in leggings and one of my little brother's sweatshirts. And I love it.

... I car dance SO well that I distract the car next to me and they forget to drive. I'm always proud of myself for that.

... when I'm grouchy, I watch One Direction videos on YouTube and I remember that there's no point being grouchy in a world where Louis Tomlison and his ridiculous jokes are just one click away.

... I love Lee Pace even though he was in the new Twilight movie.

... I still get the plague even though I had my tonsils yanked.

... my internet goes all wonky and even spending an hour on the phone with Corey Shaw doesn't fix it.

... international students say the absolute best stuff in their emails, such as "I wish I could be the lucky dog." I always laugh.

... even though I love my job, I wish I had one that I could wear comfy clothes to instead of fancy pants clothes all the time.

... I get unreasonably excited when I find other Doctor Who fans who will talk about my love for David Tennant with me. As in I jump up and down and clap my hands. I always judge myself just a little for this.

... I realize that I'm going to miss my DVR when I move.

... I wish that I was British.

... I worry entirely too  much.

... popcorn and frozen Junior Mints fix everything.

... watching Pretty Little Liars makes me want to scream yet I can't turn it off.

... I read the same book over and over even though I know exactly what is going to happen.


aubrie said...

Frozen Junior Mints?!? How have I never tried this? They sound amazing! And I think the reading the same books over and over again is because there's something comforting in knowing exactly what is going to happen next. Because in a world where there is so little you can anticipate and control, it's nice to have something that you know isn't going to let you down or change on you.

Baby Sister said...

What? When are you moving?? I love reading books over again. It's like visiting with one of your very best friends. It comforts, it lifts your spirits, and it reminds you why life is good.

Laura Bowles said...

love the list! I actually feel the same way about pretty little liars.

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