Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wherein you learn that I go for the nerd...

Dearest readers, I learned a few important things tonight that I feel need to be shared post haste on the interwebs.

A) NEVER under any circumstances, no matter how tired one might be are, should anyone drink a large Diet Coke during a James Bond movie. You will spend the entirety of said flick doing your best not to pee just a little every time a gun shot goes off. And if you haven't been to a Bond film recently, let me clue you in: that happens a whole darn lot. (Maybe this is more specific to me as the caffeine made me a touch jumpy as well).

2) Daniel Craig has the ability to make just about anything look hot. I'm not even exaggerating (which I will now admit that I am prone to do in most cases). Whether he's trying to live the life of a drunken beach bum or is walking into a mob run casino in a perfectly tailored tux to seduce a... erm, lady of the night, the man does it with class and sheer perfection. It's why he's my favorite Bond (SHHH! Don't tell Sean Connery. He held the top spot until just recently).

III) Even when the above mentioned perfection is clamoring for my attention, I will still go for the nerd.

Allow me to explain for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on Mr. Craig's baby blues in the most recent installation of the International Man of Mystery's story; you finally get to meet Q, who has morphed into the perfect blend of hipster and tech nerd. And I think that I might be a little bit in love with him. (Hint: Hold the little).

I loved everything from his heavy framed glasses (I have a similar pair in the bathroom at home) to his messy hair to his cardigans to his skinny tie. I thoroughly enjoyed his snarky banter with Bond and the fact that he's wicked smart. While Bond maybe hot... oh let's be honest, we're all friends here: there's no maybe about it. Bond is smokin'.  So, while Bond is hot in every sense of the word, Q is wonderfully quirky and just dorky enough to appeal to a total nerd girl like me. Don't misunderstand me: nerd does not mean lack of social skills or an extreme dislike of sports. I have learned through painful trial and error (read: loads of awkward blind dates) that I couldn't ever spend a ridiculous amount of time around a guy who hates sports. It's just not a thing in my world (speaking of: GO UTES! Way to finally win a game. Now back to our regularly scheduled ranting). But I most definitely appreciate a nerd. And that, my darling readers, is what Q is. Total and complete geek chic.

Why, may I ask you, do men like this only exist in fictional worlds?


Liz said...

Oh my goodness when I saw Skyfall I totally thought of you when Q first came on the screen. I absolutely adore him. That hair! That voice! Utter perfection.

Maddie Violet said...

I was absolutely dying when I saw Ben Whishaw's name pop up on the opening credits. And then he ended up being Q and I LOVED him even more. You need to see Bright Star. Look it up. If you can't find it, borrow it from me. haha.

Malinda said...

First I love Whishaw! And have been in love with Q since I saw his hair in the preview! And they don't exist in real life because real nerds don't spend that much money on product. And I agree with Maddie--if you haven't seen Bright Star--go watch it now!!

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