Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things To Be Excited About...

The first thing that each and every one of you should be excited about is that I finally got my lazy fingers to post something on this here blog. That's exciting thing number one. Other things are as follows.

*dramatically clears throat*

Things I, Mallorie Anne Mecham, Am Currently Ridiculously Excited About:

(in no particular order...oh who am I kidding. They're SO in order)

1. Mother's Day is in 38 days. This means that I not only get to celebrate my saintly mother, but that I get to talk to this here missionary.

2. I'm leaving for a fancy pants trip to the Dominican Republic and NYC with some pretty freaking awesome people on May 17th. 10 days of sand, awesomeness and no international students sending me emails. If you are calculating correctly you will realize that this means I get to spend my birthday in New York...which leads us to...

3. I get to spend my birthday in NEW YORK CITY! With Charisse. And her awesome family. Three cheers for turning cough28cough and being an honorary Baxter.

4. Jalyanie and Lucas are coming for a WEEK in June to see me. Okay, it's not really to see me, it's for Lucas' sister's wedding, but I'm really important. And I finally get to meet the darling Janie!

5. It's spring. Spring means skirts. And heels. And cute clothes. And flowers. And sunshine. And all kinds of delightful loveliness prior to the death that is SUMMER where I will melt into an unrecognizable puddle.

6. Netflix and the TV gods conspired to give me the greatest birthday present that a magic-trick-loving-banana-eater could ask for. Behold!

7. ENDER'S GAME. People. This is big. My world will be forever changed on November 01, 2013.

8. While I'm on the movie kick: The Veronica Mars Movie. Oh yes, marshmallows. V. Mars is back to rock your world.

9. My hairs are finally growing out. Want proof? See below. (Sorry for the fuzziness. Dropping your iPhone, for some reason, makes it less effective. Who knew?)

9.2 I'm also digging this nail polish color.

10. Even though I can't get myself to Manchester, this is cause for great excitement for a theatre nerd such as m'self.

So dearest friends, what are YOU excited about these days? Fill me in.


aubrie said...

I am excited for next weekend! I'm not sure what I'm more looking forward to: Corey and I actually getting a break (and hopefully getting to sleep past 6:00!) or Lilia getting to finally hang out with you (and for her to stop asking me ten times a day if it's April 13th yet--ha!) I also can't wait for you to go on your trip--it will be amazing!

Emily said...

oooh, i love when you're excited. i mean, how can i not get excited when you're so ridiculously and happily giddy?? we're excited about...a baby? warmth? henry's "german" words (he really does sound like he's speaking german these days)? and this lovely blog post. and i'm deeply saddened that you'll be so close yet so far away. why aren't boston and nyc 30 minutes away? my life would be so much better :)

Baby Sister said...

Oooh, your trip sounds awesome!! How fun for you!! I am excited for this semester to be over. I know, lame, but it's totally exciting. :)

Liz Horton said...

I am excited for all of your excitingness! We need to get together for your birthday lunch before you head out on your adventure!!

Brina C said...

I love that nail polish color! I have a similar one on right now. What brand is it? :)

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