Friday, September 11, 2009

A few things I'll never understand...

*Girls who wear 4 inch heels to school. Our campus is built on a hill people!
*Girls who just bring a purse to school. Don't you take notes in class?
*People who never come to class. Why the freak do you pay thousands of dollars to attend school if you're not going to come?
*Skipping your midterm or final. Are you stupid?
*Controlling mothers of the bride. Is it your wedding? (This comes from watching way too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC during a marathon).
*Chubby girls who wear strapless dresses. Friends, let me clue you in on something. This. Looks. Tacky. (Again, I blame Say Yes to the Dress for this one).
*Black and brown together. Just say NO.
*Calling people and then hanging up. This gets you no where and thanks to caller ID they know who's calling.
*Why some married people think they can't be friends with single people. We don't have leprosy or anything. At least not last time I checked. (This is not directed at ANY of my friends who read this blog, so don't take it personally.)
*Snotty people. Grow up, we left high school a while ago.
*People who don't shower. Ew, ew, ew, ew!! (Need I say more?)


Amy said...

amen on all counts.

However, you are one thing I totally "get" and I remember it everytime I read your blog.

Natalie said...

i so agree with you on the strapless dress thing. soooooo unflattering. it drives me crazy when i see those women on say yes to the dress!

Brit Bennion said...

I HATE black & brown together! Thank you for mentioning everything else you say is totally true too.

Sherry said...

I can wear heels for about three hours. Then I'm done. And those three hours almost always involve me walking from the parking lot to wherever it is that I am going to be (usually church) and back to the parking lot. I am amazed that women can walk around all day in heels.

Annette said...

Your posts have been really funny lately. It has been so much fun to read them! By the way, I totally agree with your last two posts. Jane Austin novels would be way fun to live, and dumb people in college really confuse me.

Keri and Jon said...

Mal!! I love reading your blog. It is always so entertaining!! I have not talked to you forever! Probably since your homecoming. I hope life is going good for you! Miss you!!

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

See, I thought that you did have leprosy. My bad.

Love you!

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