Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Analogy of the Jeans...

So you all know my deep and abiding love for the Gap, right? This is a requirement to be my friend, so it's a good thing I told you about it. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went and bought a new pair of jeans there and I adore them. I'm a jeans person all the way, so working in an office where I'm only allowed to wear jeans on Fridays is difficult for me. (I promise that all of this has a point and ties into my title. Just wait. It's coming.) Gap has my perfect jeans, which is hard to do because I'm short, a little curvy and picky.com about the way my jeans fit. 

Totally unrelated to the way jeans fit, but related to this post is the fact that one of my best friends, KMJ, just started dating someone. She and I are practically joined at the hip and thus this development in HER love life has lead the majority of the people that we both know to suggest that I also need a significant other of the male persuasion. Even her boyfriend, nice person that he is, suggested that we just find me a lover boy so that all of us can hang out together.

This is where all of the rambling will merge together. While talking to KMJ this morning, I suggested that finding a boyfriend was not like buying a pair of jeans at the Gap. I can always find jeans at Gap. Always. But when it comes to a boyfriend,  I can't just walk in to the store, pick out a nice looking young gentleman with just the right hair color and durability. I also cannot take the potential purchase into a room where he can be tested out (I was going to say tried on, but that sounded a little too...well you get the idea) to be sure he's what I want. Also missing from this experience is the part where I get to put the lovely purchase into my Gap bag and take it home to wear (or as I did with my last pair of Gap jeans, run into American Eagle, where I pretend to try on a shirt whilst actually taking off my ill fitting AE jeans and sliding into my lovely new Gap jeans). Because, unlike purchasing a pair of jean (which are an inanimate object), a boyfriend is an actual person with the ability to make decisions. KMJ suggested that I should start a boyfriend store, but that online dating is already kind of like that. I vehemently protested that online dating was like online shopping: slightly unsatisfying because you never know if the item actually fits AND there's something magical about walking into the store its self.  Just the smell of Gap calms me down. (Ditto with Nordstrom). Additionally, there's something satisfying about walking around all day and finally finding exactly what you were looking for. In any case, just like online shopping, online dating is incredibly slightly awkward and unpredictable. Much better to actually visit the store in person to try on 'jeans'.

 I'm thinking that this boyfriend store could make me some big bucks... Any boys want to be sold at the store? 


macbezz said...

I'd probably go for it. Just so long as I don't end up on the clearance rack.

e said...

It is hard for me to only wear jeans on Friday too! I've actually started wearing skirts occasionally.

On a side note a store where we could figure out the perfect fit that compliments our good qualities and disregards our flaws? And perhaps a return policy that allows returns without an accompanying broken-heart for either party. That would be fantastic.

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