Friday, March 19, 2010


...base my self worth on how many comments I get on my blog. I know it's silly, but it's very true.

...I check my phone obsessively. Okay all the time, but the title of the blog post is sometimes, so I couldn't put all the time, it would ruin the illusion.

...I catalog what I'm wearing. As in "Shirt: Old Navy Jacket: Old Navy Jeans: Gap Shoes: Payless" like in a magazine. I never did this before I read Confessions of a Shopaholic but Becky Bloomwood does it all the time and I just got in the habit. Don't judge. 

...I look in the mirror and wonder why no one told me that my bangs were sticking straight up Alfalfa style. This used to happen on the mission all the time, and Wollschy got so sick of it that she cut my hair off right at the roots. I'm not even joking. And when we finally got our hair cut by a professional (Katie), she made Wollsch promise never to touch anyone's head with scissors again. In her defense, I told her it was okay.

...I freak out about my grades. And do things like run up three flights of stairs to beg a professor to allow me to email a paper because I can't get it to print. I (might) have done this today. My friend DJ (might) have told me that I need to chill because I (might) have been freaking out. Just maybe.

... I believe in those scary chain mail letters. Not enough to pass it on, but when something bad happens I wonder if it's because I didn't pass it on. 

...I get homesick for the mission. Like when new missionaries come home and put up pictures on Facebook. I have an overwhelming urge to put on my name tag and see if it's the same. (It's not.)

...I think in worst case scenarios. Example: My sister won't answer the phone so I automatically assume that something awful has happened and she's dead in a ditch. In reality, she just left her phone in her room. I'm crazy.

...I'm a mean person. No really. I am. Just trust me.

...(this is an all the time) I love it when the Dalby girls do "Sometimes" posts. It makes me happy. And it makes me miss them. (In reality, Emily is not really a Dalby anymore, she's a Mangum, but they will always be the Dalby girls to me.)

Just because I put up another post doesn't mean that I want you all to stop commenting on the book post. Just so you know. 


Jenn Mecham said...

Mal, Can I just say that I love your new blog. Very Cute and its making me want Summer even more. I sometimes do a lot of those things too... Especially both phone ones ha. No wonder we're related. Love you!

Liz said...

Here's a comment in case today is one of those days you're basing self-worth off of your # of comments. ;)

How's it going Mal? I must admit to lurking a bit when I see you've posted through facebook. It's fun to hear about how you're doing! Check out my blog sometime if you're interested!

Emily said...

seriously amazing.

and i sometimes base my self-confidence in how many comments i get on my posts.

redic. but true. and dalby is still my middle name, so i'll forever and always be a dalby.

Kaylea said...

oh mal i love you so much! and do i still call em emily dalby? yeah, all the time. im workin on it.

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