Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What makes your days merry and bright?

So let's be honest. I had a pretty idyllic childhood. I'm talking chocolate chip cookies when I came home from school and my mom leaving notes in my lunch. My birthdays were fairytalesque.  Homemade crowns? Check. Barbie birthday cake? Double check. I know. 
Don't be jealous. 
I'm sure if you asked really nicely, my mom would make you a Barbie cake and a birthday crown. She's like Superwoman. 
The point of all of this is that Christmas has always been the best time at my house. Everything smells like cinnamon. There's usually some sort of Christmas music playing  and we spend all day on Christmas Eve baking cookies and making candy. Christmas Eve night we make gingerbread houses and watch Muppet Christmas Carol (the best version of a Christmas Carol ever created. Hands down. No contest. Period.)
I love that every year my dad has me stay up late to wrap my mom's Christmas presents.
I love that my mom and I drag one of the little TVs into the kitchen so we can watch Pride and Prejudice while we cook.
I love that all of my siblings and I sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve.
I love that my mom buys all of us girls matching pajama pants to open on Christmas Eve.
I love that even though I'm an adult, I still get excited when we all hide and watch Santa deliver our gifts on Christmas morning.
I love knowing that I bought my parents the perfect Christmas gifts.
I love that my mom makes crepes and homemade hot cocoa on Christmas morning before we all fall back asleep.
I love that Mckay tries, quite unsuccessfully every year, to get me to stay awake during whatever movie he got for Christmas by jumping on me while I'm asleep on the living room floor.
I love that we always go see a Christmas movie as a family at the movie theater.
I love that I can usually get Max or Cole to rub my feet while we watch the Bones marathon on USA.
Mostly, I just love that normally I have to act like an adult, but at Christmas, I get to feel like a little kid again.

What do YOU love about Christmas?


jaimie said...

I'm jealous, your christmas sounds like it rocks!

Amy said...

Mmmmm your Christmas sounds lovely.

I LOVE Christmas Eve when my dad recites "Jabez Daws" and I especially love when we all sing Christmas Carols all night long.

SOPHIE NY said...

Growing up I LOVED running over to your house to see what you guys got and then running back to our house :) I miss the times of being young living right next door!

Emily said...

LOVE it!!! I love getting ridiculously excited about Christmas. And your posts about loving Christmas. Ahh, I'm so excited!!

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