Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mea culpa...

Don't hate me. I know. It's been almost three weeks since I posted on my beloved blog. I know. I stink as a blogger. I'm REALLY sorry. Don't believe me? Well fine then. But it's true. Things in my neck of the woods have been busy lately. In a good way. You want to know what I've been up to? You sure? Alright. Here's my list:

What I, Mallorie Anne Mecham, have been doing instead of writing on my beloved blog:

*Going to Next to Normal at PTC (Um, it rocked my world).
*Getting an iPhone (his name is Captain Awesome)
*Hanging out at the Guild Store at Hale Centre Theatre
*Chillin' with  my madre and my sisters
*Planning this chicky's bridal shower
*Hanging out with Very Special Agent Anthony DiNizzo and the crew of NCIS(how have I not been watching this show for years?!)
*Reading these books (SO good)
*Watching replays from the BYU/Utah game (A Utah man, sir! A Utah man am I! [Good heavens,  my school song is so sexist!])
*Messing around on Instagram. (You should probably follow me. Because I'm a double dose of awesome.)
*Going to the symphony
*Drinking Pumpkin Smash Jamba Juices (Fall is back, my friends)
*Thinking about how I really need to write on my blog more often
*Pinteresting more than I should (I now need to be independently wealthy to afford all of the stuff that I am drooling over)
*Thinking that I should probably change up my blog design, but I have no idea how or what I want to do. (Hint hint...I'm open for suggestions)
*Reminding myself to love my neighbors (Freaking dog barking at 1 am....freaking power saw at 730 am on a Saturday. Who do these people think they are?!)

And I'm now tapped out. But as you can see, I'm leading a very exciting life. :) I swear I'll try and do better...maybe. But only if you promise to comment on this very post and tell me how much you missed my sparkling wit and charming blog personality...


coryshay said...

I missed your sparkling wit and charming blog personality thiiiiis much :)

Baby Sister said...

Yep, it's true. I did.

Cyd said...

You know it's my fault you're reading the Pamela Aidan books, right? (I told Sara about them!) That's a series I read at least once a year - I even have a paperback set and a Kindle set.

I miss your sparkling wit and charming personality, and since you're across the ocean the only way I get a dose is THROUGH YOUR BLOG. Not to pull a guilt trip, or anything. Just sayin'. ;-)

amanda kathleen said...

You need to add some green, light pink and polka dots. I might be making you a header when I get home actually...

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

I miss your blog too! I love all the fun things you have been doing. I know you want to change your blog design but I love the open book. There is something calming about an open book. It will be over 90 degrees again here today but I love your fall spirit. I think I will make something pumpkin just because. Hooray Fall!

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