Sunday, January 1, 2012

A rant and a resolution or four...

To be perfectly honest? I usually find that New Years' Eve is a waste of some well done make up and a carefully chosen outfit. I spend half the night worrying that I have lipstick on my teeth and the other half checking the clock to see if it's time to go home and take my shoes off. (I NEVER walk around random places barefoot. The only exception? My little brother's wedding. I wore 5 inch heels all day. My poor little Hobbit feets were screaming in pain by the end of the reception. That's when I did what any reasonable, sane adult type person would do: I took off those instruments of torture and ran across the parking lot shoe-less; all the while whimpering that my feet were getting dirty. I then promptly washed my now dirty feet when I returned home. But I digress). Don't get me wrong: I've got great friends and we do fun things, but when looked at objectively; New Years' Eve is just another night where most people drink too much and make out in a public place, both of which are socially acceptable on that date. It's also encouraged to throw paper at people and walk around with glitter in your hair; though I suppose those could be considered points in the pro column for New Years', as I like to do both on a regular basis.The only worth while part of the whole business is the resolutions. I love making New Years' resolutions. Usually, I go crazy and try to find a million things that I want to improve; but then end up forgetting about all of the goals that stress me out by February. One year, I even made a goal to make fewer goals, but you can probably guess how well that turned out. So, in a real effort to make some adjustments, I decided that I'd make a few simple goals this year. Are you ready? Hold on to your hats:

A) Go to bed by 11 pm. (I know. I'm getting old. Don't judge me! It just makes getting up at quarter to 7 so much easier).
2) Read more, watch less TV (so as to cut down on the massive pile of unread books currently taking up space on my nightstand. I've already finished one. Seven thousand to go).
Thirdly) Go running three times a week. (Because to be honest? I loathe running. If I tell  myself I must go every day then I get stressed that I'm not doing enough. The number three sounded about right.)
Cuatro) Do something unexpected. This has already been fulfilled. Wanna see?

Since I fulfilled resolution cuatro on the second day of the year, I thought it only fair to add one more. (And before you ask, no, my  hair is not in a ponytail). I like round numbers.
So number five) Quit biting my nails.  It's a wretched nervous habit and it must end now!

So there you have it, my dear friends. A rant and a resolution...or four.

Stay classy.



Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

You and your new hair cut are adorable. Your resolutions are very similar to mine this year-wishing us both luck!

Jourdan said...

I should quit biting my nails, too. It's gross. And I feel like people are judging me when I (not often, but it's happened) do it on the metro.

As for the rest, well, thanks for excusing me.

Baby Sister said...

A and 2 are totally where I'm at too. And I still love your hair cut. :)

Brit Bennion said... I love your hair. And I totally agree with your rant! New Years isn't always the most exciting holiday.

Erin Marie said...

Aaah! I love your hair! Can't wait to see more of that cute cut. When are we going to play!?

Whitney and Lish Harris said...

Pretty much, I love you and your hair.

Mrs.O'C said...

You had me at "Hobbit feets." Can we be friends? :)

By way of INFORMATION--I linked to you from Aeschylus Turtle. I met Charisse via the Blog world too!

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