Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh heeey...

You wanna know something I'm best at? 

Forgetting to blog.

And now Eli, who is totally blog famous despite his complete and total inability to properly learn to use simple technology (like the camera on his cell phone), has mentioned me on his blog. You should probably read the post. (But after you've finished reading this one. I need the attention.) If only because I'm mentioned and that means that my list of life goals are now half as long. I can safely cross: "Find a way to get yourself mentioned on Eli's blog so you can feel special" off. Which means that I now have to write something fantastic just in case someone makes their way over here expecting to be entertained.

In all reality, it feels to good to have accomplished something worthwhile despite the fact that the last two weeks of life have pretty much been a complete wash when it comes to productivity. Turns out? Getting your tonsils yanked? It makes one extremely tired. And sore. And grouchy. And sick of watching TV. Who knew? I found something very important out about myself in these last two weeks: I am far too achievement oriented to be a good sick person. I drove everyone around me batty. I'm lucky that my family loves me. Particularly my madre and my sisters. One day, while fairly high on some sort of lovely drug that was 100% prescribed to me by a licensed medical professional, I tried to do laundry. I'm sure that it was extremely entertaining to watch a girl who couldn't walk in a straight line if her life depended on it stumble back and forth from the laundry basket to her closet. Hey, I'm nothing if not entertaining. Now, dear readers, I'm mostly healed and back at my lovely place of work. It feels absolutely fantastic to be DOING something again.

Update me on what's going on in your worlds. I need comments. The doctor said it would help my throat heal faster.


Amy said...

Oooh a prescription for comments? I gotta get me one of those. :D I'm glad the tonsils are yanked and healed. But I think it's unfortunate that you got sick of TV. SYTYCD just started! Tragic!!!

Kelley said...

When I had my tonsils out (I was twelve), I was SO EXCITED at the prospect of getting to eat nothing but ice cream. Mom even let me. And IT WAS A LIE. It made my throat feel even worse. Jerks.

I'm glad you're feeling better. This is a comment to make you feel even better still!

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Hip, hip, hooray for no tonsils! Boo for still feeling yucky and sleepy. Most people would think you are crazy for wanting to go back to work and be productive but I totally understand.

Liz said...

I miss you, that's what's happening in my life! Are we going to get together this summer and watch the long Pride and Prejudice??? Yes, yes we are.

Baby Sister said...

You and I are very different...I would welcome the excuse to stay home from work and catch up on books. But then again, you love your job and I don't so much. :) I'm glad you're feeling better!!

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