Monday, August 6, 2012

Help a girl out...

Who doesn't like being asked for their opinion on something? Absolutely no one that I know. Most people like to share their thoughts on various things (mint green skinny jeans, music, my hair color/length, TV name it) so I'm going to ask for yours RIGHT NOW.

Here's the deal: 

I finally bought a new computer. I've needed a new one for going on two years now.  Poor Casey had been through a lot. Remember that time I gave him a soy milk bath? And how he had his memory wiped...four times? He got me through the Week of the Five Papers (the Native American name, naturally. The other name should not be used in polite company) as well as countless other late nights and hosted quite the dance party in his day. But alas, dear Casey, it is time to say goodbye. This is where I need your help. DESPERATELY. This little machine of delightfulness doesn't have a name. I asked for suggestions on Facebook and Instagram (because what kind of good hipster would I be if I didn't Instagram my new purchase?) and got quite a few great responses, but now I can't decide. So please please please. If you love me at all. Leave a comment with your vote:

*Rory Williams aka Rory the Roman or Mr. Pond (ala Doctor Who) -Nevitt
*Louis -Squeegee
* Jasper -Daniel
*Vidanric -Nevitt (again)
*Oy with the Poodles Already (Poodles for short) -Amanda
*Della -Martha
*Pete -Hermana Boone
*Sheldon -Alex
*Oscar -Jen Cowling
*Dell Paxton ("You are my biggest fan.") -Liz
*Rum Pot Dellicus -Megan
*Humperdink -Platt
*Clarence -Em
*Captain Jack Harkness (Also ala Doctor Who) -Tina

Let the opinion giving begin now. If your name is picked, I'll send you cookies. 


Amy said...

I love love LOVE Sheldon & Della. Why? I'm not sure, but I LOVE that. :D

Jalayne said...

I vote for Dell Paxton. I do not know who Liz is but I wish I did know her as she is clearly very clever!

Annette said...

I'm kind of diggin' Sheldon.

Mrs.O'C said...

Dell Paxton or Jasper have my votes.

Liz said...

Jalayne and Mrs. O'C, I adore you for liking my contribution! :) I like Della or Sheldon as well! And now I'm scared that if I don't start liking/watching Doctor Who that our friendship may suffer in due time. I need to get on that.

Erin Marie said...

Sheldon... and I like Della-Martha. I thought it was one word until I realized Martha thought of the suggestion.... but I kinda love Della-Martha as one word. Do that!

Malinda said...

um...I'm still totally loving Rory or Vidanric but if I had to choose another one it would be Humperdink!!

aubrie said...

Apparently Amy and I are the same person because I vote for Della or Sheldon too!

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